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Cheapest Hajj & Umrah packages

Adeeba Tour and Travels Private Limited is the best Umrah tour operator of Kolkata that assures to fetch you with the cheapest Umrah packages from Kolkata. Umrah has always been the sacred pilgrimage for each of the Muslims and with the help of the best Umrah tour operator, being IATA certified you shall be able to visit Masjid-Al-Haram of Mecca to gain the blessings of the gracious Allah (SWT).

Adeeba Tour and Travels Private Limited

What is Umrah?

Umrah is one of the sacred pilgrimages of Islam that every Muslim dreams to perform to be able to attain the eternal blessings of the gracious Allah (SWT). In Islam, it is also vital to abide by the mandatory religious duties in order to attain the mercy and forgiveness from Allah (SWT). Millions of the pilgrims do travel to Mecca with the sole purpose of cleansing their past mortal sins forever.

What is Hajj?

In Islam, the foundation of the religious beliefs does rely on several pillars. Hajj, being the vital pillars of Islam is also mandatory for every Muslim to travel to Mecca during the last month of the year and seek mercy and also forgiveness from the gracious Allah (SWT). Every devoted Muslim is bound to get the essential benefits, rewards from Allah (SWT) with the conduct of Hajj.

Franchise Information

Adeeba Tour and Travels being the best and the cheap Umrah travel agency of Kolkata is IATA certified and is also committed to their respective services. You too can be the owner of your business with the franchise deals that we do bring to you. For details, please do feel free to reach out to us now.

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