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How Can Umrah be Performed Now?

Umrah is one of the best pilgrimages of the Muslims and they do relish the time that is being spent with their families and also with their loved ones. Umrah is that holy time of the year when we do Ibabat to seek mercy from the Creator of all and also ignite the passion within us to be close to Allah (SWT). As it has been famously said by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that, “He who seek forgiveness from Allah(SWT) through the rituals of Umrah, gains the key to happiness and remains forever in eternal Paradise”. With Umrah, you do not get to resolve all the impurities within you, but at the same time, you do also devote yourself to the Almighty in renewing the faith within you.

What is the importance of Umrah?

For ages, the act of Ibadat during the time of Umrah has been the constant thing that needs to be done to gain more level of devotion and comfort in seeking forgiveness from Allah (SWT). Umrah or as it is known as the visit to the populated place is the best thing that has been done by many of the Muslims, across the globe to Mecca, for seeking the presence of Allah (SWT) within their heart. The act of devotion or Ibadat aid pilgrims to renew their faith in Allah (SWT) for a lifetime and more, it does also help them to stay connected with the Creator and have him in their answered prayers.

Umrah now: Facts to know –

Amid the hustle bustle of the pandemic, it has been quite a struggle for many of the pilgrims to have the plan of visiting Mecca due to the restrictions that were imposed by the concerned authorities. After the dismissal of the restrictions, we do have much of the interest in reaching to Mecca through the best Umrah deals that we do have here in store for you. Umrah now, in 2021 can be done with the same energy and with enthusiasm, only through the follow- up of some of the definite type of the guidelines and the limited protocols of Covid-19. Here are some of the rules that one needs to abide before even planning the trip to Mecca:

  • You need to receive the two doses of the vaccine for the next big trip to Mecca, as the safety of each of the individual is the priority now.
  • You do also need to bring the immediate Covid test report that needs to be done 48 hours prior to the trip as it is mandatory.
  • You do need to maintain the safety protocols of being extremely hygienic and also maintain the social distancing at the Holy Kaaba.
  • You do also need to remain in eternal peace by recalling the name of Allah (SWT) in your mind from the initial time of the journey to the time you do go back to your hometown.
  • You do need to remain very clean and wear the required garments at the time of Umrah.
  • Recite the verses of the Talbiyah at the time of entering the Holy Kaaba to enter into the zone of purity that is needed to feel Allah (SWT).
  • Perform all the rituals of Umrah with complete devotion and sincerity without even worrying much of the unanswered prayers. Allah (SWT) will be always by your side if you do call out his name in complete devotion.

What can we offer you now?

For the next big trip of your life, we can give you the cheap Umrah packages for you and your family. Get the best services amid the selected Umrah packages from Kolkata, to enjoy in the holy pilgrimage to Mecca and also devote yourself completely to Allah (SWT) with full sincerity. With us, by your side, you do also get to pursue the best Umrah packages for being closer to Allah (SWT) than ever. Hurry up and book your tickets now, as you do get to avail the best Umrah services now. Plan your next big trip now.


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