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Significance Of Jummah

It is the belief of each of the Muslims that the day of Friday is considered to be the best day of Ibaadat as it leads to the growth of the faith, towards the Almighty Allah (SWT). It has also been the divine command of the Prophet Mohammad to serve the Creator with much of the diligence, to be able to blemish all the sins of life. In order to perceive about the significance of Jummah, it is also important to understand that what is the importance of Friday? This is also true that Friday, has indeed a very special connection to the prayers that are linked with the day of Friday. As per the beliefs of the Prophet Mohammad (SAHIH BUKHARI; BOOK 70), it is also true that, Friday seems to the special day when the sun rises and this is the day when Adam has been taken to Paradise, and it turned out that it was also this day when he repented for all the sins of his life and eventually he died. Hence from this day it has been termed as, “the day of the resurrection” where each of the Muslim believers does have the sense of belief that for each of the sins that are done, it is on this day that you do get to repent and also ask for forgiveness from the Almighty Allah.

What is Jummah?

Out of the other seven days, it is true that Jummah is also considered to be holy and much more significant as it is the day of Friday. Here, on this day, it is also true that this day is considered to be more vital than the other days as this days leads to the understanding of the fact that he who performs Ibadat on the day of Friday seems to enter the domain of Paradise as he is granted the forgiveness for all the sins that he had committed both knowingly and unknowingly.

List of the steps needed to be performed during the time of Jummah:           

It is of much importance to perceive the meaning of Jummah as it can lead to the development of the bond with the Creator, significantly:

  • The preparations of Jummah must initially start from Thursday by being pure from within. This also includes clipping of the nails, removal of the hair (Ihya-aul-Uloom, Vol-1, and Page 161).
  • To be involved in the purest form this does also include taking a shower (Ghusl) (Bukhari, Tirmidhi, and Ibn Majah).
  • It has also been said by Rasulallah on a Friday that he who shall perform Ibaadat can be able to feel the presence of Allah (SWT) within your heart, forever. Rasulallah said that, “O Muslims, Allah Ta’aala has made this day as a special day of Eid”. Also whoever has perfume, needs to directly apply it and also use the Miswaak. (Ibn Majah)
  • Using of the Miswaak and the Attar perfume is mandatory. (Ibid)
  • It is also advisable to wear some of the best clothes and maintain good hygiene on that day.

We also need to send lots of the supplications upon Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) – Abu Dawood, 1047). One must also recite Surah-Al-Kahf (Saheeh al-Targheeb, 836); and make lots of Dua to feel the presence of Allah within your heart –In Sha Allah. (Al-Bukhaari 893; Muslim, 852)

Here is the list of the reasons for Jummah being so important:

It is very crucial to understand the importance of the day of Jummah;

  • Through the performance of the Jummah prayer, you do get to feel the deeper sense of the connection with the Almighty Allah, especially on the day of Friday which is the also termed as the day of granting forgiveness from Allah (SWT) for all the sins of life.
  • It is on this day that for one complete hour, you do have the privilege of asking for all the desires and the wishes that have been etched within your mind as Allah (SWT) shall be able to grant it all, diligently.
  • Since it is the Day of Judgment, you also have the free choice of establishing the deeper sense of the connection towards the Creator of all, Allah (SWT), with full devotion.

Perform Jummah Prayer to fulfill your Dua as the angels write down your names.


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