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What Services Does The Best Umrah Travel Agency Offer In 2022?

For each of the Muslims, the conduct of Umrah has been a mandate thing to not only please the Almighty Allah (SWT) but also to develop the connection with the same. With the passage of time, it is true that there has been a severe establishment of the ritualistic needs that can bring happiness and peace within the minds of the individual and also enable the same to blemish all the sins of his life. It is through this sacred journey that one is also able to gain the purity of the heart to make the Creator reside within that ultimately leads to the refreshment of the faith in Islam. Read the entire blog to be able to perform Umrah with the cheap and the best travel agency in India.

 What is the sole purpose of Umrah?

To be honest, the sole purpose of Umrah is to seek forgiveness and mercy from the Almighty Allah (SWT). Amid the daily lives, we often tend to fall within the trap of desire and wrongful deeds, which departs us from the goodwill. It is then we need to perform the best pilgrimage of our life to be able to satisfy the Lord and also possess the goodwill of being true to our religion, eternally. With the conduct of Umrah through the best Umrah deals, one is also able to purify the soul and also generate tolerance and unity among themselves.

What are the services offered by the best Umrah travel agency in 2022?

With the stringent maintenance of the safety protocols, it has been the dire need of the Muslims to perform Umrah with the detailed services, which are as follows:

  • Complete Umrah package worth of Rs. 1,15,000/- for each pilgrim.
  • Cheap Umrah tours from Kolkata to Mecca within the most affordable deals that shall enable you to conduct the ritual of Umrah diligently.
  • Umrah packages from India (14 days package-7 days in Mecca and 7 days in Medina) to reignite the spiritual love with the Creator.
  • Get discounted deals on the hotels and the flights (Kolkata-Jeddah-Kolkata) to make your stay at Mecca much more pleasurable and also comfortable, with the valid insurance.
  • Get detailed information from the Umrah package booking site, to pursue your dreams of flying to the place where the throne of the Almighty Allah (SWT) resides.
  • Be safe with the assured safety protocols that we maintain, to ensure that your journey to Mecca is worth cherishing for a lifetime and more.
  • 3 times meals during the time of your stay.
  • 5 liters of ZamZam for each of the pilgrim.
  • Free laundry services for your extra comfort during the stay.
  • Ziarat (1 day in Mecca & 1 day in Medina)
  • 1 PCR test return from Saudi Arab.
  • Welcome kit for every pilgrim.


It’s time to abide by the commandments of Islam, to seek mercy from the benevolent Allah (SWT). Conducting Umrah with these aforesaid exclusive packages is mandatory to not only regenerate the faith in Islam, but also to establish the connection with the Lord. Reach out to us to avail the cheap Umrah tours from Kolkata, to initiate the best journey of your life, in this year ahead.

For more, view the image below to know more of what we can offer you for your next Umrah trip, 2022.


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