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What is the cost of Umrah from India?

When we think of Umrah, we always think of the infinite blessings that can be perceived from the benevolent Allah (SWT). For the people belonging to the Islamic religion, the enactment of the Umrah is a mandatory ritual that needs to be conducted to gain the eternal mercy from the Creator of all. One of the key benefits of performing Umrah is that you get to remove all the sins and also develop the key connection with the Lord for a lifetime and more. With the onset of the restrictions, there have been major issues for many of the pilgrims to take a trip to Mecca, but as Saudi Arabia has now reopened the gates for the international travelers, it has been the need of the hour to conduct the best Umrah tour with the association of the cheap Umrah deals.

Is Umrah open now in 2022?

Yes, for all the pilgrims across the globe, Saudi Arabia has now uplifted all the restrictions that have been dominating the globe. Recently, all the pilgrims have been approved to enter into the premises of Mecca with the complete dose of the vaccination that shall also allow them to amalgamate and make prayers with utmost devotion. You can now perform Umrah with devotion to establish your long connection with the Lord and also seek mercy and forgiveness.

What is the cost of Umrah from India?

For many of the pilgrims, it is true that the net rate of the cost does matter to attain the complete Umrah packages for Umrah, 2022. Almost everyone wishes to perform Umrah to only please the Creator, but also to refresh the Islamic faith more. With the stringent maintenance of the safety protocols, it has been the dire need of the Muslims to perform Umrah with the detailed services, which are as follows:

  • Complete Umrah packages that includes Adeeba budget package worth of 99,999/-, Adeeba Deluxe worth of 1,17,999/- and Adeeba Exclusive package worth of 1,49,999/- for every pilgrim respectively.
  • Cheapest Umrah package with flights to Mecca within the most affordable deals that shall enable you to conduct the ritual of Umrah diligently.
  • Best Umrah packages from India (14 days package-7 days in Mecca and 7 days in Medina) to reignite the spiritual love with the Creator.
  • Get discounted deals on the hotels and the flights (Kolkata-Jeddah-Kolkata) to make your stay at Mecca & Medina much more pleasurable and also comfortable, with the valid insurance.
  • Get detailed information from the Umrah package booking site, to pursue your dreams of flying to the place where the throne of the Almighty Allah (SWT) resides.
  • Be safe with the assured safety protocols that we maintain, to ensure that your journey to Mecca & Medina is worth cherishing for a lifetime and more.
  • 3 times meals during the time of your stay.
  • 5 liters of ZamZam for each of the pilgrim.
  • Free laundry services for your extra comfort during the stay.
  • Ziarat (1 day in Mecca & 1 day in Medina)
  • 1 PCR test return from Saudi Arab.
  • Welcome kit for every pilgrim.


Make the best trip of your life happen now. Book Umrah package 2022 with the aid of the best Umrah tour and travel agency in Kolkata to seek mercy and forgiveness from the Lord and also to remove all your sins for life. Call us right away to book your next Umrah trip.


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