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What is the cost of Umrah packages during Ramadan?

Ramadan has always been the most special time of each of the Muslims and this had led to the growth of the infinite faith of the Muslims towards their religion as well as the Almighty Allah (SWT). The conduct of Umrah has always been the most auspicious act of worship that has also deepened the relationship between the devotees and the Creator. For many, the act of Umrah has been a dream to seek mercy and also forgiveness for all the mortal sins of the present life, thus it establishes the rate of unity between all the pilgrims and also infuses the love towards the stringent rules laid down by our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to always follow the path of righteousness and also stay true to the core aspect of the religion, in the most effective way. With the onset of the pandemic and the various types of the distortions that has been dominating in the minds of the general public, it is true that there has been disgrace among millions of pilgrims across the globe as they have not been able to fulfill their dreams and also make time to perform Ibadat to our benevolent Allah (SWT). However, it is true that with the restrictions being lifted, there are much of the relaxations within the minds of the general public as they can now make their dreams of conducting the best pilgrimage of their life, true.

Read the entire blog to know more of how you can attain the Full Ramadan Umrah packages for 2022from the cheap and the best travel agency in India.

Why Umrah is done during Ramadan?

One of the main facts of Umrah is that it allows the Umrah Haji to seek mercy and forgiveness for all the mortal sins and also make a difference in their lives. Since Umrah can be done at any time of the year, still there is much of the difference in the conduct of the same during the time of Ramadan. When you do conduct the best Umrah tour during the time of Ramadan, you get double blessings from the Lord and also you can be able to protect yourself from the evil eye on the final Day of Judgment. Get hold of the cheap Ramadan Umrah packages now.

How many hours does it take to perform Umrah?

When you do have the association of the best Umrah tour operators, it’s true that the conduct of Umrah can easily be completed within a time span of 3-6 hours, which can be completed during the entire day. The span of the complete Umrah package including flights lasts more than 15 days, which is also the maximum time which is required by every pilgrim.

What is the cost of Ramadan Umrah packages for 2022?

With the help fetched by the best Umrah travel agency, you can be sure to get the affordable Umrah packages that shall allow you to perform the best journey of your life with full ease and enthusiasm. Here we do share with you the details of the Umrah package price, for your best Umrah tour:

  • Semi Deluxe Packages for the first 15 days is Rs. 1,35,000/- (Tentative Amount)
  • Semi Deluxe Packages for the last 15 days is Rs. 1,45,000/- (Tentative Amount)
  • Deluxe Packages for the first 20 days is Rs. 1,69,000/- (Tentative Amount)
  • Deluxe Packages for the last 20 days is Rs. 2,01,999/- (Tentative Amount)
  • Full Ramadan Umrah package for 2022 is Rs. 2,14,999/- (Tentative Amount)

What are you waiting for? Grab the best Umrah deals that is waiting for you here for the next big trip of your life now, to attain the infinite blessings of the Lord.

Why choose us?

Wishing to perform Umrah but can’t get hold of the best Umrah travel agency in Kolkata? It’s time to reach out to us to embark into the best journey of your life which will bring your closer to the Lord and also make you true to the core of your religion in the most subtle way. Are you still baffled in choosing us amid the various options that is available to you now, here we do bring to you the various reasons why you need to choosing us for the next big trip of your life, that are as follows:

  • You do get the cheapest Umrah packages from Kolkata for 2022
  • Affordable Umrah packages are available for every Umrah Haji
  • Valid Umrah Visa with Insurance is here for you
  • You do get the complete assistance from us throughout your entire journey
  • Complete Ramadan Umrah packages including flights is also available for you


For the best Umrah tour of your life, please do feel free to call the cheap and the best umrah travel agency of India to make sure that your dreams of being close to the gracious Allah (SWT) come true now. Get hold of the cheap Ramadan Umrah packages now to attain double rewards by removing all your past sins forever. Bring your closed ones now to initiate the sacred journey of your life, today, by contacting the best umrah tour operators.


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