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Common Mistakes Pilgrims Needs To Avoid During Hajj

The conduct of Hajj and Umrah has always been a dream for millions of people across the globe. Almost for each of the Muslims, Hajj Tour has been the obligatory pilgrimages that can enable a Muslim to refresh his faith in Islam and also seek the blessings of the gracious Allah (SWT). However, with the passage of time, it has also been witnessed that there are more of the practices that needs to be abided in order to be able to conduct this sacred journey with full enthusiasm and also with utmost dignity.

Again, it is also to be noted that many of the pilgrims do make some of the common mistakes that needs not be reviewed as any type of the errors are not permissible in Islam. If you feel like you are about to avail the Hajj packages and initiate the best journey of your life now, then you do need to read the entire blog from start to end to ensure yourself about the various types of the religious practices that you need to follow every time.

What you should not do during the time of Hajj?

One of the most vital things is that you do need to be pure from within and also not apply type of perfume or cologne and even makeup, once you do avail the Hajj packages from Kolkata. You also need to be pure from within by not pushing anyone in the line when the crowd seems to be too much for you. Since it is a sacred journey, please do try to be kind towards everyone you meet or even pass by.

What are the common mistakes you can be doing during Hajj?

Hajj seems to be one of the interesting as well as the mandatory pillar of Islam. Hence there are multiple types of the mistakes that one makes and needs to be avoided soon. Let us check the details to be able to make our next Hajj tour the one:

  • Believing that Dua is accepted when you first see the Holy Kaaba:

This is one of the major mistakes that are made by each of the pilgrims make when they tend to visit the Holy Kaaba. When you do intend to visit Mecca, you need to be sure of the fact that the prayers that you do intend to make needs to be full of sincerity as it is a common saying that prayers do take time to be answered by the supreme Creator.

  • Kissing the Black stone and stopping the Tawaf

It is believed that the act of kissing the black stone is also considered to be Sunnah. Due to the high crowd majority of the people are unable to reach out near the stone. Hence, you cannot stop the Tawaf from between and also perform the ritual with utmost sincerity, which can pacify the supreme Creator of all.

  • Shouting out the Dua amid the rituals:

Reading the Dua aloud during the time of Tawaf is a major mistake that is often being conducted during the time of Hajj. When you do intend to make a Dua aloud, it does affect the others who a part of the pilgrimage. It is of utmost importance that you must not shout aloud any of the Duas to really disrupt any of the other pilgrims.

Are you feeling interested to visit the Holy Land? You can still embark for the Hajj and Umrah Tours by availing the Hajj Umrah packages 2022 now.

  • Cutting some parts of the hair:

Often after the rituals of Hajj and Umrah Travel, it is observed that people tend to cut their hair by just trimming some parts as a part of the ritual. Well, as a matter of fact, it is true that in order to complete the entire ritual, you do need to shave off the entire hair to simply abide by the rituals that has been practiced by every Muslim across the globe.

  • Wearing of the Ihram below the waistline:

If you do feel like going for wearing Ihram below the waistline, then the area below the belly button does get exposed to everyone, which is against the rules of Islam. Hence, you do need to avoid wearing any type of clothes that goes below the waistline.

According to the Islamic point of view, it is also not advisable to perform salah if this area seems to be exposed.

  • Doing Tawaf on behalf of someone:

If you feel like doing Tawaf on behalf of someone, then you are very wrong in this case as this is not permissible in Islam in any way. You do need to follow some of the guidelines to be able to complete the rituals in the most effective way. Hajj and Umrah can be done on behalf of other, but not the Tawaf.


Reach out to us to know more of the Hajj and Umrah package prices and embark into the Holy land of Allah (SWT) to simply gain the blessings by simply purifying yourself completely.


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