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Perform the Sacred Journey of Umrah

Details of Umrah;

One of the best things of the Muslims is the fact that they do get to witness the close presence of Allah (SWT) through the holy deeds that they conduct during their lifetime. As per the famous sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), “He, who worships Allah, seeks the gateway to the Paradise”. This reflects the core understanding of the fact that if you do have the zeal of undergoing the hardships of Umrah, and then you shall be blessed to be eternally sheltered under the arms of Allah (SWT), with glory and happiness.

Umrah-considered to be one of the auspicious pilgrimages that can be done at any time of the year, requires you to have the purity of both the mind the soul. Initially, it is also true that there is the need to be humble enough to accept all the sins that one has committed during the course of life, as he who forgives himself gains mercy from the Creator of all.

Get to know more of the inner meaning of Umrah-steps:

With us, by your side, you do get to witness the luxury umrah package to develop your enthusiasm of performing all the steps of Umrah with full devotion and enthusiasm. Umrah as the name suggests it is the “visit to a populated place”. Adeeba tour and travels have been developing some of the strategies to accomplish all your dreams to visit Mecca amid the hustle bustle of the pandemic. Here are the lists of the steps that you do need to follow to conduct the rituals of Umrah with full dedication:

  • DAY 1: Initially it is the need of the hour to have the purity of the mind and the soul to be able to develop the energy that is required for the completion of the umrah pilgrimage.
  • DAY 2: Secondly, it is also true that there is the need to be pure in every aspect. This means that you do need to be free from all sorts of guilty pleasures of your life. This is the vital fact, as the purity of the mind is more important than the rituals that are done to pacify Allah (SWT). On this day, it is also true that there is the need to recite the Talbiyah, to declare the intentions of conducting the pilgrimage.
  • DAY 3: Keep praying to Allah and surrender yourself to HIM to be sheltered under him for the rest of his life. Visit Jannat Al Mu’alla, Jabal Al Nour and Exhibition of Two Holy Mosques Architecture (free tour in the evening).
  • DAY 4: Enter into the premises of Jabal Thawr and repeat the rituals of the Umrah (pillars of Umrah) that is done from the initial day.
  • DAY 5: Keep praying at the Holy Mosque, and develop the faith in Allah (SWT) as He shall be eradicating all the troubles of your life, forever.
  • DAY 6: Be consistent in having your faith towards Allah (SWT) as you do indulge into the core ritualistic needs of Umrah.
  • DAY 7: Be more humble in performing the last and also the farewell rituals of Umrah which is also called as the Tawaf, which can lead to the end of the farewell journey. Also, do visit the Holy Mosque to lay out all your worries to Allah (SWT), as HE shall be taking care of all your needs.

What to expect from us? For your next trip to Mecca or Medinah, we, are here to fetch you with the delightful and also the cheap Umrah packages that can allow you to visit the place with full enthusiasm and please the Creator of all, through the conduct of Umrah. We do also assure you to give you the Best Umrah package which will be worth cherishing for a lifetime and more. From the easy booking access to the best hotel choices, you do get to witness all of it with just a click to our website. Visit the main link of our site to know more of the offers and the discounts that you do can purchase now for your next Umrah pilgrimage to feel the presence of Allah (SWT).


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