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Umrah is one of the most auspicious pilgrimages that Muslims celebrate across the globe, with much of the passion and sincerity. This is one of the most vital celebrations that need to be performed to gain the blessings of Allah (SWT) Almighty. Through this ritual, there is also the need to learn and also adapt to the new culture and also maintain some of the obligatory rules after the hard hit of the pandemic. There is also the need to maintain some of the mandate rules that needs to be abided by each of the Muslim pilgrims to eradicate the sins and the greediness that one has conducted during the course of the life. The conduct of some of the rituals and also the visit to Mecca can prove to be beneficial for the long term, as it brings the mental peace.

Why is Umrah important and what are the rules?

Umrah can be vital as it can lead to the growth of the sincerity and peace among the pilgrims to grow. Through the purest of the intentions that is needed for the conduct of the Umrah, in Mecca. If any of the soul is tarnished in sin, then Umrah can prove to be highly successful, in blemishing all the negative aspects of life. Eradication of the sins from life is crucial as it leads to the growth of the truest of the intentions to develop within oneself to be able to feel the core presence of Allah (SWT). As per the words of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), it is also true that there is the need to have the sincerity and also the devotion within oneself to be sheltered under the arms of Allah (SWT). According to HIM, the act of seeking forgiveness is one of the best things that can emancipate the life experiences of a pilgrim, from all the sins and the greed of life.

One of the main reason why Umrah is so important is that is does provide much of the freedom to an individual to gain more of the internal peace as it has been said that any Muslim who journeys for Umrah gains the taste of eternal paradise. There are some of the mandate rules, which need to be followed to conduct the ritual of Umrah. One of the primary rules is to possess the purity of the mind as it is more needed before even entering the premises of holy Kaaba.

Rules for the ladies during the time of Umrah:

There are some of the rules that need to be abided by each of the Muslim pilgrim (especially the ladies), as Umrah is one of the crucial steps that need to be followed with much of the dedication:

  • Women before entering into the premises of Mecca or Medinah, needs to cover their bodies in loose opaque clothes, as it is crucial for the conduct of the same.
  • Women, who have been in their menstrual cycle needs to perform the rituals only at the time when the cycle is over.
  • Women are not allowed to wear makeup or even use any type of perfume, at the time of rituals of Umrah- as it is believed to be pure in the most effective way. Clipping nails and also plucking hair is strictly not allowed.
  • Women also needs to maintain the definite type of the rules while reciting the prayers of the Talbiyah, as it can also enable the women to perceive the intrinsic meaning of the same.
  • Women above the age of 45 can perform Umrah but not alone. She needs to be accompanied by her closed ones and also by her family members.
  • Women needs to cover their hands and faces along with their heads during the time of Umrah. This is mandatory as it will also enable the women to abide by the strict rules of Umrah.
  • Women also needs to maintain the definite type of the social distancing protocols to remain safe and also increase the mode of the safety precautions in the most effective way.

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