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How do you know if your Umrah is accepted?

For each of the Muslims across the globe, the conduct of the Umrah pilgrimage is considered to be the best and also the most auspicious moment of their life that leads them closer to the Almighty Allah (SWT). According to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), there are times when through the conduct of the spiritual journey, the Creator is almost pleased and blemishes all the sins that is conducted in the course of a lifetime. Almost all the Muslims across the globe do seek mercy and forgiveness for all their mortal sins that is done to enter into the domain of Paradise.

What is the purpose of Umrah?

Majority of the Muslims across the globe does perform the rituals of the umrah to only gain the attention of the benevolent Allah (SWT) and also seek forgiveness for the sins that has been done both knowingly and unknowingly. Also, the blessings of the Creator are also asked to be able to pursue all the hardships of life.

Why is Umrah important?

One of the major factors behind the importance of the conduct of Umrah is that it not only develops the unity between the Creator and the believer, but also refreshes the faith in Islam. Through the conduct of the best Umrah tour from Kolkata, it is said that anyone is able to eradicate all the sins of life and is also able to connect deeply with the Almighty, thus establishing a bond that shall be etched forever in the hearts of him. Reach out to best Umrah travel agency of Kolkata only to avail the cheapest umrah package from Kolkata.

How do you know if your Umrah is accepted or not?

Here is the list of the ways in which you can perceive the fact whether or not Umrah has been accepted or not:

  • Feel the transformation within your own self:

After the conduct of your Umrah pilgrimage with the aid of the best Umrah deals, it’s true that you shall be able to possess a better transformation within yourself that shall enable you to feel that Allah (SWT) has been able to accept your ritualistic needs that you have conducted during the time of Umrah.

  • Your all prayers are answered:

This is also true that every prayer of yours shall be answered and whatever you have asked for shall enable you to feel that the conduct of Umrah has been fruitful.

  • You will be abstaining yourself from sins:

The more you abstain yourself from the sins of your life, the more you shall be able to perceive the fact that the Creator has been able to accept your ritualistic rules that you have abided during the time of Umrah that you wish to do with the help of Umrah tour operators.

  • You will become a better Muslim each day:

It’s true that with each passing day, you shall be able to become a better Muslim with the core belief in Islam each day.


With the immense faith in Islam and also in the Almighty Allah (SWT), it’s true that you shall be able to attain eternal peace within your mind. Also, you do need to pray diligently, everyday to the Creator to make each day count, with the thoughts of Allah (SWT).


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